The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• It's all about the US automakers and a little meeting they had at the White House this AM — anyone who's anyone was all over this one. We even here Wolf Blitzer was holding a vigil on the East Lawn. [Freep, Detroit News, WSJ, etc]
• European car sales up 3.6% in October — among the gainers (ToMoCo and Fiat the gainiest) is FoMoCo. Who thought you would ever hear "sales gain" and "FoMoCo" in the same sentence this decade? [IHT]
• HoMoCo rolled out the FCX concept, which the press have dubbed "da future." How come when the General did the same thing with the sequel folks rolled their eyes? Oh wait, I know why. [SFGate]
• FoMoCo's expecting a thin profit in '09 — must be that "Edge-based recovery" they've been talking about. [Freep]

• Thieves in the UK attack a car parking ticket machine with a drill — yeah, nothing funny there. [LynnNews]


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