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ā€¢ Detroit drivers must beware the ghost of Frank Murphy! [Detroit News]
ā€¢ American commutes are becoming longer, harder and with Starbucks prices going up, uncut with caffeine. [Reuters]
ā€¢ TVR's staying ā€” no, it's going ā€” no, it's staying ā€” make up your bloody mind already. Oh wait, it looks like it has. It's gonna take a plunge into the cold Atlantic, and move production off the Queen's isles. [BBC]
ā€¢ Hey Geely's going to focus on quality first. Maybe they should have thought of that before the automaker showed off it's crap in Detroit this year. Well, hindsight's always 2020. [NYT]

ā€¢ EPA and drivers tell different fuel economy stories. Neither's perfect. [Freep]