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ā€¢ Google drives for auto ads. [Detroit News]
ā€¢ 200,000 FoMoCo E85 capable cars may not be as capable as FoMoCo's said they are. [Freep]
ā€¢ The most fuel efficient cars of 2006 ā€” that's got to be a rather dubious distinction. [Forbes]
ā€¢ Euro car sales drop 2.6% ā€” with Renault and GM as the twin towers of continental losses. [IHT]
ā€¢ A gal who helped one of us feel at home in this whole mess is leaving today. Go wish her well, or at least say something snarky. [Gawker]

ā€¢ Who leaves their kids in the car while they go in for a job interview? Oh right, the Aussies. [ABC News Australia]