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• Visteon's for sale? Hmm...we've got a few dollars between us, maybe we should make an offer. Nah...who wants to get in the middle of those legacy costs? [Freep]
• The great and all-powerful LaNeve claim's GM's "sales slide is now over!" Somehow we're not yet buying it — but we'll let the American public help to decide that one...with their wallets. [Detroit News]
• $25,000 Reward for the "car wash duck slayer" in Cali. Yeah, we can't even make shit up this good. []
• Dog drives car into house. Film at eleven. See, told you...can't make this up. [KFOX-TV]

• FoMoCo needs new car models? Really...we didn't know that. We thought the US Focus was just fine the way it is. [Ithaca Journal]
• GM targets a 10% increase in the India car market by 2010. [Forbes]