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• FoMoCo hires the right M&A expert...for the right company. He's european and wants to dump Jaguar. [Freep]
• Forget "Bold Moves", FoMoCo's now needs some "Drastic Moves." [Detroit News]
• We think this writer just wanted to get the Croydon Guardian to pick up the tab for his parking bill. Hey, we wonder if that'd work? [Croydon Guardian]
• Three-year-old Norwegian boy drives car into garden. Don't let your baby grow up to be a horticulturist. Alternate: "Momma, I'm drivin' fast!" [UPI]
• Chevy's got a "Drive For Perfection" and it starts in 26 Middle Tennessee county schools. Does the "Drive For Perfection" include the CMA Awards too...or is that more Ford's demographic? [The Tennessean]

• Yet another reason we love "On The Money" on CNBC. We can drink to that. [Ka-Ching! CNBC's On the Money Blog]
• Po-po in the UK are blitzing car crime. They've created a special day just for "Car Crime Awareness." Wethinks maybe the victims are aware. It's hard not to miss the whole "missing" or "vandalized" car. [Review & Observer]