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ā€¢ So if 45% of Michiganders own a vehicle made by GM, 39% own a FoMoCo vehicle and 22% own a Chrysler Group car or truck ā€” who the hell is buying all these foreign cars we keep on seeing in the area? [Freep]
ā€¢ Oh good, it's not just us who are confused by the new Lincoln naming system ā€” Ford's decided to axe "Mark."[Detroit News]
ā€¢ So why does this Gary, IN cop chaplain need a squad car? []
ā€¢ We just like saying the word "agricole" ā€” reminds us of latin class in high school. [AGI Online]

ā€¢ Wait, someone else is covering Bullrun? We thought it was just us. []
ā€¢ The Fiat cinquecento gets into the Guiness Book of World Records? []