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ā€¢ If the atmosphere in Detroit seems especially thick Friday, for once it won't be the humidity ā€” it will be the meeting of a number of storm fronts ā€” to create...the "Perfect Storm." Dunh-dun-duhn! [Freep]
ā€¢ But where's Wagoner today? He's on the universal prescription drug coverage bandwagon today in DC. We honestly would pay to see him out there screaming "We want universal coverage!" [Detroit News]
ā€¢ And we were all set to bid on the "Aussie Death Car" too! Damn you, eBay! [Malaysia Star]
ā€¢ Dwayne Wade is "The King of Bling" at big GM shindig ā€” what was GM's message on fuel economy and small cars again? Maybe Renault-Nissan does have something to offer ā€” like a clue. [Automotive News]

ā€¢ Big issue of the day: Illegal Nigerian car parks. [Nigerian Tribune]
ā€¢ Carmelo's gonna kick his friends ass over the whole "borrowing his car and getting caught with pot in it" thing. Hope he's not also the new driver of his CART car. [ESPN]