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ā€¢ Stop the Press, Jim ā€” you're running Toyota now. [Detroit News]
ā€¢ Car thieves keep going, going ā€” back to, back to ā€” Cali, Cali. Six out of ten times, actually. [Newsweek]
ā€¢ Man, why do emerging markets always get all the good stuff from Toyota? Can't we get the cheap-ass stuff too? [WSJ]
ā€¢ 11,000 free tickets just to see the Renault R25. [easier]
ā€¢ First time we've ever heard Hyundai was good at drifting...oh...a different kind of drifting ā€” maybe it's a translation thing. [Korea Herald]
ā€¢ Sony's "Pit Stop" has Xplod-ed all over India. [News Today]