The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Patrick once again fails miserably in his latest attempt to join the Dead Kennedys.. [Wonkette and Wonkette]
• The Crispin revolution will not be broadcast — no matter how small the mini-advertising is. [Marketalicca]
• The interesting part of the supply/demand curve of gasoline — oil prices are down $3 a barrel, yet it still seems to cost the same as it did all week. Very interesting. [Freep]
• The Macomb County gas deal continues with more '50 Cent off' gas! Get it now — before the white folks riot! [Detroit News]
• It's the Captain Planet of cars — is it gonna "help take pollution down to zero?" [Business 2.0]
• We knew we were right — car drivers are getting younger. [Auto Industry UK]
• What the hell is an "extreme hybrid?" [PRNewswire via The Car Connection]


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