The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• It's S.o.S., baby! The Summer of Scandal continues for automakers — next under the judicial mallet — Toyota. [Detroit News]
• Dude, it's Dan — not Danica. []
• "Please, don't steal this car!" "Honey, is that Jerry Stiller?" [Yorkshire Post Today]
• No silly, it's a transformer — not a Transformer. [KATU 2]
• Dude, your Land Rover can pilot a plane. [Mobilemag]
• Maybe by 2010 we'll actually be able to afford the next SRT — the SRT10. And yeah dude, it's totally got a Hemi. [The Hemispherical Blog]
• Did we just hear y'all call auto sales a "skid mark?" Oh — sorry, you said "skidding auto sales" — it's totally an honest mistake. [Freep]


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