The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• A guy is driving a car powered by vegetable oil across New Zealand. The funny? His name is MacDonald. []
• You know you've got a pretty big classic car show on your hands when Verizon has to roll the damn COW into town. [tmcnet]
• No, there it is...rule #490 in the Koran — "And the Lord spoketh unto his prophet Mohammed and decreed, 'Renault will NOT build cars here'" We're not kidding, look it up. [Reuters]
• There's gold in them thar suppliers! [Detroit News]
• We've always said the real kooks are from Grand Rapids. [WZZM]
• Hyundai apologizes and then stares intently for hours at its collective Johnson. Yes, Hyundai. [BBC News]
• Diversification...not...happening. Does...not...compute. [Detroit News]


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