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• Expensive? Yes. Messy? Yes. Good Idea? Definitely. With details' out today, GM's still the big story. [Freep, Detroit News]
• It's certainly better than a giant pee bag! [Gizmodo]
• Wow, Cambridge is a really liberal college town if they want to ban "right on reds." Commies. [Town Online]
• When we have to take the time to schedule for oil changes, how does a car race with 200,000+ attendees not think to check for calendar conflicts? []
• We hope we'll be able to take a cable car ride when we visit G-d. [The Jerusalem Post]
• Hey kids, it's another episode of "Ask MPH!" [MPH]
• So if Malaysia make our cars cause it's cheaper to build there...then who makes their cars on the cheap? Oompa-Loompas? [New Straits Times]


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