Look at this thing. It's a masterpiece in black and white. 550 horsepower. Aero bits on aero bits on aero bits. Carbon brakes.

I know quite a few people at the show that loathe this car. They can't stand it. They say it has too many added bits and that it looks ridiculous.


Y'know what, it does look ridiculous. There are aero bits that you'd never expect on a Jag, the rear wing is big enough to eat off of, it looks like a storm trooper/carp fish, it has carbon brakes, it makes real downforce, and it has a V8 that sounds unreal.

People don't do ridiculous things anymore. We complain when cars are bland. So Jag goes and makes something exciting and people I know complain.


Jaguar made a 550 horsepower coupe for only North America with a huge wing and a crazy paint job. Kudos. I love it.

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