The Jaguar F-Type Replacement Could Go All-Electric

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Yes, even the beloved Jaguar F-Type replacement could go battery-driven and whisper-quiet when it comes out in a few years. But it would make a ton of sense if it did when you consider Jaguar’s new, all-EV plan to take over the world, so to speak.


The replacement for the F-Type is probably still two years out, speculates Autocar, but it will reportedly use a new, “aluminum-intensive” platform and keep the two-seater layout.

From the story:

Developing a purely electric F-Type replacement would provide its designers and engineers with the scope to produce a design as bold as the E-Type was in 1961. Packaging the batteries below the floor would yield a dynamically valuable low centre of gravity and hybrid aluminium body construction would go some way to mitigating the weight penalty of the battery pack.

A choice of petrol and electric powertrains would severely constrain the design freedom provided by a pure-electric drivetrain but widen the F-Type’s appeal. The temptation, though, might be to simplify, be bold and go electric, which would fit in with potential future plans for Jaguar to be an EV-only brand.

Previously, we reported that Jaguar is considering swapping its entire line for electric vehicles within the next five years. If it does, it’ll be the first of the internal-combustion brands to do so.

Jaguar already produces the I-Pace and is allegedly looking to electrify the XJ for the first time since it was introduced in 1968. It would compete with the Porsche Taycan and the Teslas.


Obviously, an all-electric F-Type would mean no more glorious noise, but if this is the cleaner and more efficient future, then I’m happy to be a part of it. Maybe Jaguar will put some speakers on it and we can play snarly V8 noises all around town.

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I Drove the V8 F Type- R at Circuit of the Americas last month for a Jaguar experience and I walked away realizing that we really are at the end of a golden age of internal combustion. That car is as reasonably fast as a street car would really ever need to be and I really hope electrification will be focused towards efficiency and not speed anymore- Because honest to God people don’t need any faster cars. I Never thought I’d say this.