The Insanity Of Racing

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today we've got reports from AutoBlog, Wired:Autopia, and The Washington Post.

Today's theme is racing, if you haven't figured it out yet.

9 Ways To Keep Cameras in the F1 PitsWired:Autopia

This is a good follow up to Jamey Price's excellent take on this from his own experience.


Sensors. F1 cars have more sensors than a passenger jet. So why isn’t there a sensor to tell the driver that the wheel is firmly attached to the car? It’s metal to metal. That completes a circuit. If my MacBook can do it, why can’t a multi-million dollar race car?

The Mountain, the Manx, the BRZ and how I learned to love racingAutoBlog


This is one of those press drive invites that always sounds like a ridiculous fun time and is an incredibly obvious way to buy great press. I mean, the cars are great and the track is awesome. There's nothing to lose. Thankfully, we the reader also gets a little something out of it.

Sitting in the media center before I started that stomach-flopping crawl out of the crowd, the plan of following Higgins seemed like it was going to make my lap chicken soup. Two pace cars were to lead the Subaru entourage and two sweepers to follow up, with the event organizers making it clear that the "pace" in question would be a moderate one. Except that it wasn't, really. Not really at all.


24 Hours of LeMons: An amateur car race and a party collideWashington Post


The WaPo does LeMons.

This certainly seemed like a good idea when Matt hatched it as a self-admitted “midlife-crisis endeavor” back in the spring. A West Point grad who runs his own defense-consulting business in D.C., he had run out of ways to satisfy his adventure jones after trying, and completing, every Tough Mudder and Venture Quest obstacle race in the mid-Atlantic. That is until someone told him about the 24 Hours of LeMons circuit (motto: “All it takes is a beater, some buddies and lots of big lapses in judgment!”), which happened to be coming to West Virginia in June.


Photo Credit: AP Images, Subaru, Murilee Martin

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