Infiniti's long awaited flagship car, the Q80 Concept comes with an electric-hybrid drivetrain, adaptive suspension and four individual seats surrounded by endless luxury.


Infiniti would like to kick some German butt in the premium market, and with the upcoming Q50 Eau Rouge and the Q80 fastback, they might just have what it takes to finally start rocking the segment even if their main man ended up at Cadillac.

The Q80 Concept will debut in Paris next week and is a sporty four-door that's 198.9 inches long ( with a wheelbase of 122.2 inches), 79.8 inches wide and only 52.1 inches tall, rolling on 22-inch five-dual-spoke alloys. Its doors open portal style, and as most concepts, it's also lacking side mirrors. Infiniti also promises unmatched sound deadening, comfort and "1 + 1 + 1 + 1 seating in a highly stylized and personalized ambiance".

Well, they'll need to offer all that because Zee Germans are very good at this game.

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