The Infiniti Q60 Concept Is A Sexy Coupe That Should Happen Now

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Smaller then the Q80 Concept and less radical than their digital sports car for Gran Turismo 6, the Q60 will debut in the metal at the Detroit Motor Show to keep us teasing a bit further. Infiniti G37 Coupe drivers, you have something new and exciting to hope for.

At least, it looks closer to production then all the other concepts they threw at us before.


The Q60 is a two-door coupe with the wheel arches borrowed from the now parked Q50 Eau Rouge Concept, 21-inch wheels and a bespoke interior with acres of leather finishes, Alcantara and carbon fibre detailing. Infiniti claims it was also inspired by their F1 cars, and that it's a genuine 2+2 with respectable legroom at the back.


Sounds great, make it happen Mr. Krüger!