The Infiniti Q30 Concept Is Very Swoopy

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Meet the Infiniti Q30, the latest vehicle to debut under Infiniti's new Q-based naming structure. Is it a hatchback? A coupe? A crossover?


All three, according to Infiniti. They say this design, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a few weeks, combines "the sportiness of a coupe, the roominess of a hatch and the higher stance of a crossover" in order to appeal to younger luxury buyers.

Okay then. I think it's very swoopy-looking, myself. Look at all the swoops! More than anything I'm curious as to exactly how big or small it will be.

No word yet on the Q30's powertrain, although we have heard it could use the A-Class/CLA/GLA platform used by Infiniti's new pal Mercedes-Benz. We'll see it at Frankfurt soon.



"Is it s hatchback? A coupé? A crossover?"

One thing's for sure. It's NOT a coupé. That word is being increasingly devalued by car companies, particularly German ones who have decided that a saloon with some curves on it is a 4-door coupé. Perhaps because their regular saloons didn't have any. Oh, and hatchback coupés aren't coupés either. VW Scirocco? Hatchback, not coupé. Alfa Romeo Brera? Again, it's like a coupé in that it's very stylish and more sporty-looking, but if we're honest it's still a hatchback. In the UK Citroën DS4 was advertised as a 5-door coupé, which is total and utter merde.

This is a coupé.

This is a coupé.

Hell, let's even admit that there's a 4-door coupé:

But a swoopy hatchback or saloon? No. Those are hatchbacks and saloons with some style to them. There's a difference.

I'd say the Q30 is probably erring towards crossover, going by the rather hefty proportions and high nose/ride height.