The IndyCar Two-Fingered Salute Is Fast Becoming A Thing

IndyCar driver Sebastian Saavedra gave a Will Power Salute to Marco Andretti yesterday after Andretti put him into the wall at the first race of the Detroit Grand Prix. This is a whole lot better than the whining and bereaved sighs coming out of Formula One these days.


Close-quarters racing is in the very nature of street courses, so you'd think the drivers would be used to it. Even still, it's hilarious to see them reacting like two kids playing Mario Kart. Saavedra, of course, wasn't done kvetching after the race, when he learned that IndyCar Race Control saw nothing wrong with Andretti's move, according to NBCSN:

“It’s just frustrating to see that Marco keeps doing these dirty moves and as usual, nothing is done to him,” said Saavedra shortly afterwards. “It’s just a very frustrating day. We were very strong. We were up there. Great strategy from the guys. The car was perfect. And he just punched me out. It’s just a very unfortunate situation for the [team].”

You can see the passing move that led to it, and Saavedra's retort in the video below:

For what it's worth, it appears that Andretti apologized to Saavedra on Twitter and Saavedra accepted, though not without further chastising him:


Oh, kids.

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