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With the Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards coming on line for larger light trucks and tighter restrictions all around, there's a lot of revamping and temporary discontinuation going on. GM's Duramax diesel, which has been a bright spot for the company, is undergoing an extensive redesign with all sorts of newfangled frippery to meet the mandated 90% reduction in NOX emissions, including a variable-geometry turbo and a revised EGR system.

DCX, meanwhile, is killing the Liberty diesel for the time being, although it may pull a MacArthur and return in 2008 when the model gets a refresh, while the diesel Grand Cherokee has been announced, and, as announced by Dieter in Detroit, the Mercedes-Benz Bluetec suite of exhaust-gas-cleansing technologies will also be applied to future Chrysler Group vehicles, which includes injecting a component of pee into the pipes to damp down the noxiousness. Cummins and goin's, anyone?

Vee Dub, representing Deutschland, doesn't make cars, but rather Volkswagens and expects drivers to experience an intense welling of Fahrvergn gen when making use of their products will keep the Touareg on line for '07 and sell leftover TDI Jettas from the current model year until they can come up with a passenger-car engine that'll meet the new emissions standards.

Meanwhile, over in Dearborn, the Fordsies are hopping up the sometimes-troubled Power Stroke with piezoelectronic injectors designed to make for cleaner combustion.

Vin Diesel, Shaquille O'Neal and Shane Diesel were unavailable for comment, but presumably they would involve XXX, Florida and XXX. Which is all pretty much the same thing, no?


Meanwhile, the R10s smoked in the final round of Le Mans qualifying yesterday, landing a 1-2 punch against the pesky Pescarolos in the name of diesel supremacy. [Thanks to Robert for the tip.]

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