The Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Concept Is A Veloster With Less Roof And More Bicycle

The Veloster is one quirky little car. A gaping grin? Two doors on one side and one on another? OH YOU!

Well, now they've gotten even quirkier with the Veloster C3 Roll, which appears to be a Veloster convertible for people that like aqua colored wheels and transporting bicycles.


The C3 concept appears to be based on the Veloster Turbo, at least that's what the big trumpets out back are telling us. The big change is up top. If you didn't guess, "C" means "Convertible" and "3" means "3 doors."

The rear seats can fold flat and the tailgate drops like a pickup truck, making this a prime candidate for bicyclists the world over to transport their wares.

Much like the 500C Abarth, the Veloster C3's canvas roof rolls back to the tailgate. Don't expect the Miami Vice color scheme to make it to production... if the C3 is actually built.


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