The Hyundai Excel Was Essentially A Maserati, Only Cheaper

If you'll pardon me a moment, I'd like to ponder a certain scene from the film The Fast and the Furious that bears a striking similarity to this ad for the late 1980s Hyundai Excel.


It's the scene where Vin Diesel and What's-His-Face pull up next to a Ferrari in their hotted-up orange Toyota Supra. What's-His-Face initially compliments the Ferrari and asks how much it goes for.

The stereotypical Ferrari owner says "More than you can afford, pal," leading to a highway drag race between the two cars. (Remember when those movies were about racing?)

Anyway, that scene is basically identical to this Excel ad. Standing in for the Supra is the new-to-America Excel hatchback with glorious front-wheel-drive, a nice relic from back when Hyundai made cars that were just unbelievable pieces of shit. Standing in for the Ferrari is this Maserati Bora. Kind of an interesting choice here.

What these two cars have in common is that their exteriors were designed by the same dude: Giorgetto Giugiaro. So the Excel is basically a cheaper Bora, right?

Not exactly, as we see as the Bora speeds off. But unlike F&F, this doesn't end in a drag race, it ends in a ticket for the Bora while the Excel happily putters into the sunset.

That's Hyundai 1, Maserati 0, bitches.



Hyundai has a long tradition of this sort of advertising.