While you might not have room in your driveway for a full-on mobile home, you can pack a lot of the features into your regular-sized car. If you're a serious camper or road warrior, the SwissRoomBox, a household unit that folds into the trunk of your vehicle, will serve all your needs.

It fits whips of most sizes, be they sedans, coupes, SUVs, vans, and so on. The SwissRoomBox has almost all the most important facilities you have in your home, in a collapsable package that's bigger than a lot of New York City apartments. It includes a sink, a stove, counter space, and a shower, and you can configure it in different ways, depending on what piece you want to use.

All you need is a 12-volt 30 A cable connection to your car's battery. That and at least $4,000, which is the starting price. The heavy-duty model costs closer to $8,000. But it's perfect if you're either heading out on an African safari or planning to start living out of your car. [Cool Tools]