The Honda S660 Looks Like Stupid Crazy Fun On The Track Too

My torrid forbidden love affair with Honda’s JDM-only S660 Roadster has only intensified in recent days, and after watching this track test video, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Speaking of slow, the S660 is not the fastest thing ever to sign up for track duty. With a 660 cc turbo three-cylinder engine putting out well under 100 horsepower (66, to be exact), there are some straights were a human being could probably outrun it if he had a strong wind at his back.


But the S660 is tiny, and mid-engined, and open-topped, and it has track apps on the infotainment screen, so I think it’s probably impossible not to have fun in on a course like this.

This video test comes to us from Otokkuwan TV!, and it’s entirely in Japanese, sadly. (It also has Russian subtitles, inexplicably, but I speak even less Russian than I do Japanese so I can’t attest to their quality.) But you’ll get the drift from just watching the fun.

Also, they show you how the roll top works at the end. Yay!

Hat tip to Arthur!

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Brian, The Life of

Either this guy is a giant or that car is for ants.