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The Hemi Hits the Million Mark

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

About two years ago, we did a tail-out powerslide in the rain in our lowly 318-powered Durango. A couple of teens in an off-road equipped Nissan Hardbody pulled up next to us at a stoplight, and having witnessed the wanton display of meager power, said, "That thing got a Hemi in it?" That's when we knew that DCX's branding exercise for the revived Hemi had gone critical. Plus, it's just a goddamn great engine, and with GM's LS-series mills, one of the best American small-blocks of all time. Apparently the public agrees, because they've now built a million of the powerplants in everything from trucks and SUVs to the R/T's and Hemi C's.

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