Great news everyone! All upcoming Aston Martins powered by those magnificent AMG V8s will be fine tuned by Matt Becker, the guy who led the team responsible for the balance of all Lotuses for the last 18 months and has been at Lotus for 26 years. A match made in heaven.


Autocar reports that Becker will take the role of chief engineer of the vehicle attribute engineering division from January 5. He will be responsible for vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, durability, proving and the noise levels, vibrations and general harshness of their cars, reporting directly to Ian Minards, head of product development.

Don't worry about Lotus though, as his role of chief engineer of vehicle test and development will be filled by the pair of Dave Marler — who's been with Lotus Engineering for 17-years now — and technical manager Gavan Kershaw.

Imagine a car with Aston Martin's styling packed with lots of German horsepower and a touch of Lotus' balance in their chassis. Sounds like a dream come true.

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