The Greatest Ad For A Lawyer In The History Of Lawyering

Nothing says American freedom like destroying a car. So if you're a freedom loving American who wants a freedom loving lawyer to defend your freedom, look no further than Austin, Texas-based criminal defense attorney Adam Reposa.


Operating on the premise that anyone prosecuting his clients is in his way and will be smashed, Reposa shot an ad featuring himself shouting "I'm a lawyer!" multiple times in a burly pro wrestler voice as he smashed a Chrysler Cirrus with an old Chevy Silverado pickup.

This is how Reposa explained the rationale behind the ad to the Texas Lawyer Blog:

I had a concept for an ad that was going to be pretty simple. I've shot and edited it. It was supposed to be very simple: ‘I'm Adam Repose. I am a lawyer. Don't get in the way of my truck.

The ad is a stroke of pure genius. Although he looks like a raving psycho, you'd have to be brain dead not to remember a commercial like that. I wonder if this guy can practice law in Florida. If so, we know of a few people who could definitely use his services.



As a paralegal in Louisiana, I can tell you there are probably 3 or 4 trucks equal to or greater than the truck in the video parked outside the office I'm working at. Why do they have them? who fucking knows... They are gonna have to redesign courthouse parking lots to fit all of these pointless things.