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All hail the inverse of the Bullrun! The Great Race will hit California tomorrow, with the cavalcade of vintage cars cresting the Sierra Nevada and rolling down into historic Hangtown (that's Placerville for you non-Gold-Country types). They'll then proceed into historic Suburban Sacto, to a checkpoint at the Hilton near Arden Fair Mall. (Wha? Why? If you consider a giant sewing needle scenic, that's the place to stay, we suppose...we once totally got busted by the po-po during an in-car makeout session there; that's about all the history there is to that area.) They'll then cruise out to E-40's hometown, the V (Southern Solano, represent!), followed by a trip out to Sears Point and then down to their final destination of San Rafael, which makes sense, considering that it's a town rife with classic cars. We still don't get that Arden Hilton thing, though. That's just freakin' weird.

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