The Girl Who Lives on Russian Hill: Lombard Street Tricycle Races

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We were in love with a girl who once lived on Russian Hill. She had a worn-out smile that she'll wear some more. And a worn-out welcome mat outside her door. But more pertinently, we used to wheel our '75 El Camino down the brick-hewn, twisty portion of Lombard Street at 15mph, sawing the wheel from side to side and scaring the living crap out of our passengers.

Even with our dad at the wheel and our maternal grandma in the passenger seat, our mom got out and waited at the top of the hill while he prudently navigated the ridiculously tight twisties at the posted 5mph. So what happens when you send a group of hoons on three wheels down the street with no brakes? Click on and find out. Meanwhile, up on Russian Hill is where we wanna be. [Thanks to Scott, who once brought us back a newspaper article on Greg Norton's restaurant back from Red Wing, MN, for the tip.]


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