Fifty years after creating the original Dune Buggy, Bruce Meyers says the message of the Meyers Manx is still fun and reminds us that there has to be a difference between cars built in factories and the ones put together in family garages.


The Dune Buggy is no joke. It's a functional, street legal fiberglass car built on the Beetle platform that is big enough to take home your groceries and was fast enough back in the day to beat everybody (including motorbikes) at the Baja 1000.

It also started off road racing as we know it today, but thanks to Volkswagen's contribution, it also came with a trailing arm suspension to make the ride as smooth as possible on any surface. That's quite a package! And if you add the quality time families spend together building them, you realize what makes it so magical.

So go on, build a buggy, add some sand and smile.

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