The General Comes to Town: Camaro Convertible Concept at Bob's Big Boy

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Here's the skinny: Every Friday night the Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Burbank plays host to a car show. 99% of which is finely (and not so finely) tuned American muscle of all stripes from decades past. The other 1% is a Triumph with a Ferrari badge. No, really. General Motors decided to stop by and show off it's one-off yet soon to be in mass produced Camaro Convertible concept. And Chevy's new head-turner brought some friends. To the left of the reborn pony car was the one and only Holden EFIJY concept, an Homage to the FJ Holden of the 1950s. The purple beast comes correct with right hand drive, a supercharged 645 hp LS2, a mini rear window and bazillion-inch wheels. And parked to the Hugger Orange car's right was none other than Jay Leno's EcoJet, a bio-diesel turbine powered supercar, which like the Holden, rides on a modified Corvette chassis. Jay was nowhere to be found. But the star was without question the Camaro as it far outshown its extroverted friends and really everything else in the parking lot, too. We have to admit, PR event or not, the Camaro Convertible is supremely hot. Sure would be (hint) nice if GM let Jalopnik (hint) drive (hint) one. Be sure to click through the gallery for an insanely hot Sublime Green Challenger R/T.

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Hmm...I don't think it's ugly, but I think the current Mustang GT and upcoming Challenger do a better job of incorporating 60's/70's styling cues in a modern car. Something about the Camaro seems contrived to me.

I hope someone gave that Charger's owner 10 bucks to put towards some new vacuum lines for his headlights. You can't show up where there's a bunch of awesome GM iron in a winky-eyed Charger. That's just sad.