The Future is Then: Coop on Decals

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Pal-O-Tha Jalop Mike LaVella once said, "For some reason, and I'm not exactly sure why, American Culture seemed to peak around 1963." We'd be more likely to say '68, but we do understand LaVella's argument for '63. Regardless, the 1960s were simply an incredible time for design and popular art in this country; we grew up with its leftover detrius emblazoned on our brain, much in the same way you'll see a 14-year-old kid wearing a Black Flag or Metal Up Your Ass t-shirt today. Coop dug up this '60s-vintage decal sheet and comments, "I want these images tattooed on the inside of my eyelids." Click over for more of the man's musings on the fantastic.


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The world needs more re-prop '60s speed parts/counter culture decals and/or clothing. Like, now.