The Front Bed Idea Works As Long As It Doesn't Follow Other Cars

It can be hard to embrace new ideas, but sometimes they just make a lot of sense. It's likely if no one actively pursued home refrigerators as a good idea, we'd still be storing our meat in salt. Actually, that's not a bad idea.

Some of you really took to Jason's idea of a front pickup bed that supplements the one at the back. Trucks have hardly been evolved enough to incorporate more modern packaging and that mostly comes down to the people who buy them. They're clearly set in their ways and insist they work. Even when their ways including loading up a bed way more than it should.


MrTheEngineer knows what's going to happen:

Can't wait to see some dumbass driving down the road with 2x4s sticking 6 feet out in front of his frunk bed.

The solution, McMike?

As long as the flag it, they should be alright. Right?


Yeah, that's likely. Some things may never change.

Image credit: Jason Torchinsky

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