The Frenchies and Their Water Sports

The Peugeot RCZ is a nice enough coupé for your inner Carla Bruni, but even prettier than the splendide new Pug was the high-tech water show behind the rotating platform the RCZ was displayed on. Click for video!


Those of you in the business of professional water installations will probably just shrug, but to a casual observer of fountains, it looked brilliant, a worthy successor to French inventions like the Concorde, the Renault Avantime and the omelette. Observe at 00:58 the car’s very name formed by droplets of water. Oh wait, you say Chrysler did this once before? But did they do it with the same flair as the French? We think not.

Captured with a long telephoto lens, you can see how the fancy waterworks is made possible by a dense array of tiny nozzles, controlled and timed by hidden computers.


An added bonus was the cool, humid breeze coming off the wall of water, a refreshing change from stale convention hall air.

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