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The French Have A Better Targa Roof

Illustration for article titled The French Have A Better Targa Roof

The Renualt Wind is a new compact targa set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. It's principle innovation lies in the car's flip-and-store roof, which disappears in 12 seconds and doesn't hog all the trunk space.


We've all seen compact, front-wheel-drive targas before, the Honda Del Sol being one of the most recently notable, but where the Del Sol used a lift-off lid, the Wind stows it on-board with some elegantly simple design. Rather than complex folding mechanisms, the roof on the wind just rotates and stores upside down just under the trunk lid. The rear window is completely detached from the roof, allowing it to stay in place as a wind buffet and have the frame act as a roll hoop. Very clever Renault, very clever.

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Spirit Of Ecstasy

The French 'invent' a new way...

Have we already forgotten the Ferrari 575 Superamerica?

It's only been 5 years... Not only did Ferrari come up with the idea but they were over 2 seconds faster.