The experts in pony car animal husbandry knew their talents would not go to waste when Ford revived the 5.0-liter V8 dubbed Coyote. Here's one of their first crossbreeds, a swap into a Fox-body Mustang. Call it the Foxyote.


Built by Kurgan Motorsports, the Coyote V8 apparently slipped easily into the space once occupied by the wheezy 2.3-liter four-cylinder. As MustangEvolution details, the hard part was custom-building the motor mounts, braces and other support structures, along with upgrades to brakes and transmissions.

Creator Bob Kurgan told StangTV the car is "an animal on the streets." In fact, it's multiple animals. Considering the original started out with either a 100-hp four-cylinder or a 235 hp V8, the upgrade to a 412-hp V8 gives the car the power it deserves and the legacy output some owners require.

But now that it's done once, more Foxyote 'Stangs can be easily bred to run wild with more than 400 hp. The real question after all this crossbreeding: Does it add up to a Cobra?

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