The Fly Free Smart Is the Awesome Looking Electric Motorcycle We've All Been Waiting For

Electric motorcycles continue to improve on design and practicality, but it’s still a tricky balance to nail. The new Fly Free Smart electric motorcycles seem to be focused more on customization and design and less on practicality, but they look so good I’m not sure anybody will care.

Joining the growing electric motorcycle market that already includes Zero, GenZe, Alta, and will soon include Harley Davidson and others, Fly Free is showing off its idea of an electric moto with its new Smart lineup of bikes.


According to EVNerds, the Fly Free Smart Desert, the first of three Smart motorcycles to be introduced, will be available in two trims; a 50 mile range model with a top speed of 40 mph, and a 100 mile range model with a max speed of 50 mph.

For everyday use, a max range of 100 miles seems good enough, but it’s far from being enough for any sort of road-tripping or extended travel, which is a big appeal for many riders. It seems like EVs still have a ways to go before filling that need.

While the speeds admittedly seem a little slow for highway speeds—even if it’s just to and from work every day—the maximum 100 miles of range is good enough to fit in with the rest of the EV bike offerings out there so far. The battery is removable for easier charging, and is expected to take around eight hours to recharge to full using a 110-volt outlet, according to Electrek. The longer-range model just adds a second battery pack to to the body.


There are three speed modes: Eco, City and Speed, an integrated app to easily connect to Apple and Android phones, and the Smart Desert gets wider handlebars, a lowered leather seat and off-road styled tires and wheels.


What stands out about these bikes, though, are the looks. It’s inspired by the classic scrambler style motorcycles from back in the day, with minimal flourishes, thick tires and a straightforward and rugged impression. EVNerds reports that the bikes will have up to 80 different combinations of looks and accessories, offering buyers a lot of customization.

The company will sell its new lineup out of Long Beach, California to start off, and plans to offer an expanded lineup of electric motorcycles by 2025. It’s not clear what the price point will be, nor when the bikes will go on sale just yet, and the company website doesn’t appear to be finished yet.


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