The Five Best Custom Green Cars

The greenies over at design blog Inhabitat have picked out their their favorite "pimped-out" eco rides. Among them a VW Bug, Chevy S-10, a '65 Impala supersport and a stretched Hummer H1 limo. How unexpected.

We've picked out four of the five fav's over at Inhabitat, you'll have to go peak at their list to find out the last, cheeky entry, but we've dropped in the basics on each so click "Next" to learn more. [Inhabitat]


The Solar Black Bear" is an EV project at the University of Maine and plugs into the wall for a complete charge but also uses a rack-mounted solar array to extend its range out to about 100 miles.

VW Bugs and Earth friendliness would seem to go hand-in-hand, but the original bug wasn't exactly catalyzed and clean. This particular example on the other hand is emissions free and runs on a 12V electrical system, it even retains a four speed manual transmission. The best part? It's owned by Manitou High School in Colorado Springs, and is used for driver's ed training.


The stretched H1 limo gets its green cred by operating on a combination of biodiesel, electric power generated by a solarvoltaic array on the roof and a solid waste gassifier. Probably needs to be stretched just to fit all the equipment on board.


The '65 Impala Super Sport is an interesting case of modern engine meets awesome ride. Unbelievably, car was built by MTV's Pimp My Ride and got a Chevy Durmax diesel tuned run on biodiesel and snorting out 800 HP and 1200 lb-ft of torque. It'll go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and gets double the fuel economy it used to. Unfortunately, they also reworked the interior.

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