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The stock 2015 Chevrolet Colorado did alright in the dirt, but the aftermarket's going to make it a whole lot more fun. Chevy's trying to get the ball rolling on that with this "Colorado Sport" concept, showing off how much fun the truck looks with a roll bar and no air splitter.

It's a mild upgrade for sure, but it's amazing what a few trim pieces will do for this truck's aggressiveness. Chevy is really pushing their GearOn cargo-carrying add-ons here too; I think this truck is configured to carry enough toys to keep you fist-bumping adventure bros happy all weekend.


I really dig that roll bar, that and the aero-spoiler delete would bring a little extra swagger to the truck's pretty-basic Z71 "off-road" package.


Chevy reps denied any interest in offering a factory lift for the new Colorado or 2015 GMC Canyon, but the rig in this render looks a little higher off the ground than what I drove this week.


Anyone think the aftermarket will be able to give this truck the off-road balls to beat Toyota and Nissan?

Images: GM