Everyone knows and loves the classic Corvette racing yellow and black. Customer team Larbre Competition just updated that paint scheme with this wild yellow, black, green and white livery for their new Corvette C7.R. And oh yes, the World Endurance Championship's favorite 'Vette squad is back in a Chevy.

After several years in a Corvette C6.R, Larbre Competition took a break to run a Judd-V8-powered Morgan LMP2. That's nice and all, but big GT muscle has usually been Larbre's strong suit.

"We had to stop running GTE-Am last year because the ACO were not happy with the C7 homologation, so we instead run the Morgan in LMP2 with my friend Jacques Nicolet, and we continued talking to Corvette Racing about 2015," explained Larbre team owner Jack Leconte to RACER.

Luckily, the FIA is happy to let the C7.R run in GTE-Am this year.

Now everything is back in its right place, with Larbre in a V8-powered Corvette. Not just any Corvette, but the first customer C7.R sold by Chevrolet. Endurance-Info posted their new livery for the car, and it's simply amazing:


This is how you do a fresh take on an existing livery. This right here. Best of all, it should be easy to spot.

"[W]e don't have any yellow cars (Corvettes) racing outside the USA, so this is very exciting," Leconte told RACER.


Naturally, given their long history of participation in the series, Larbre were admitted to run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship, easy peasy. This, of course, sparked a bit of smack talk between them and the Aston Martin team on Twitter.


See, this is why social media really exists. Not to misuse the word "bae*" in an attempt to sound #young and #hip, not to ruin memes and make them instantly uncool, not to pander to millenials at all, but rather, social media's highest use is for good ol'-fashioned smack talk and pretty pictures of race cars.


Welcome back to a 'Vette, Larbre.

*Say this to a Dane. I dare ya, poopmeister.