Yesterday in Oppo-land, Travis asked you folks what you wanted to see on Jalopnik today. Reader Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk and Corgis brilliantly suggested a post about our first cars, because "that kind of story always occupies time and brings up tons of feels." Asked and answered.

Here's our Show Us challenge for the day — tell us about the first car you ever owned. This was mine, a 2002 Toyota Corolla S. (Not the one in the photo, obviously, but one just like it, scuff marks on the shitty plastic wheel covers and everything.)

I'm a bit embarrassed about it today, because it's the least Jalop car on the planet. But it was mine, and it gave me that first taste of glorious freedom that only a car can truly offer.

Four speed auto, 1.8-liter engine allegedly cranking out 125 horsepower. It wasn't fast, flashy or sporty at all, but it got me through high school, college, and a couple years of employment until I traded it in for my Subaru WRX. Needless to say, I had a lot more fun with that car.


I'll give my old beigemobile this: I put close to 100,000 miles on that car and I never had a single problem with it. All it ever needed was routine maintenance. Say what you want about Corollas, but they're built to last, and mine was a solid, dependable car when I was broke student who needed transportation.

When I got it, I was just starting to get into cars, but I wasn't a fraction of the gearhead I am now. If I could go back and do it again I'd get an 80s-era Nissan Z or a Fox Mustang as my first car, something with a stick and more character. But those may not have lasted like my Corolla did.

I do not miss the Corolla. I'll never buy another one, that's for sure. But I hope my old one is out there chugging along, getting people from point A to point B with no drama. I bet it is.


Anyway, that's as close to wistful as a person can get about a Corolla, so I'm done. Your turn. Show us your first car!

Photo credit cgauthier2112