The First Aston Martin Vulcan Is Quite The Smoke Machine

The Aston Martin Vulcan I saw at Geneva in March was just an empty show car made of plastic. This new one at Goodwood is quite a bit more than that.

It’s the first real Vulcan of the planned 24, which happens to be a customer car Aston Martin finished building just in time for the Festival of Speed. Now, I don’t know whether said early adopter got a discount in exchange for taking delivery of a slightly used car later on, but either way, those 800 horses deliver.

This is pretty much what happens when Aston Martin grabs a beefed up V12 and jams into into something that doesn’t have to comply with pedestrian safety or emission regulations.

It’s bit of a TVR, this one.


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“Wreck a set a rears”

I don't know if that could have said anymore classy or cool as how the commentator said it.