The first art car

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Although we would argue every BMW 3.0 CSL ever produced was a work of art, this particular example was the first to be used by an artist as a canvas. Alexander Calder was asked by friend and racing driver Herve Poulain to leave his mark on this 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL which was to be raced at Le Mans. This CSL was one of Calder's last artistic works before his death, and was the initial inspiration for the art cars BMW has produced ever since. See and hear this CSL in action during its debut below.

(Photo Credit:jiazi)


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rb1971 ARGQF+CayenneTurbo+E9+328GTS+R90S

I love the 3.0 so much, I'm restoring one right now. In fact, the entire "bottom" of the car (brakes, suspension, drivetrain, etc.) is all buttoned-up as of this week, as is the rear (revised fuel system, improved audio, etc.). The engine compartment is mostly done, and the interior is done and waiting to be installed pending sorting out the dash electricals.

I would love to post a picture (or a bunch), but unfortunately the new commenting system doesn't allow me to do that. In fact, wrote twice to help@jalopnik and received no response, so I assume that I'm right there is no way to directly post pictures and no intent to implement that in the future.