The Fiat Multipla Is So Nice Richard Hammond Weirdly Reviewed It Twice

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The Fiat Multipla is oddly beloved around these parts because it's a complete mutant of a spaceship, and because it's so insanely practical. Maybe for both of those reasons, it's kind of looked at with disdain in its original home of Europe. So when Richard Hammond was in middle school, he took a bizarrely hard look at it.

At least, I think he's in middle school. His old work for Men and Motors kind of looks like it was done in middle school.


The first clip opens up with him talking like a crazed conversation bot, spitting out a random jumble of words that was supposed to mean something, I suppose:

Ohhhhh yes.

Kicking. Dude!

[twitch twitch]

Mad for it.

Absolutely crazy

For a

Wicked weekend!


And that's definitely one of the best car reviews I've ever heard, right there. The rest of it is him just sort of marveling at a body kit, which is something you do.


The second clip, taken just a year later in 2001, actually does the Multipla a service. It's crazy for the possibilities it holds, with its massive space, six bucket seats that are arranged in a pseudo-bench thing, complete with cupholders, that all fold down. Oh, and it's got a manual transmission:

It's basically the Volkswagen Van of the late 1990s and early 2000s, if being a hippie was instead all about listening to a lot of that song about a guy being blue a ba dee a ba dai.