The Fiat 500C drop-top isn't apologizing to the streets

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Fiat's fabric-roofed version of its 500 minicar is from the streets. At least that's what I heard while listening to Fiat's marketing chief Laura Soave while a fight nearly broke out in the pressroom of the New York Auto Show.


The 500C has a rolling fabric-top that retracts on roof rails, like the rails of a chair that nearly hit Mike Spinelli while being angrily waved over his head. Like all those god-damn photographers who save chairs when a hard-working journalist has been standing for 10 minutes, Fiat has been taking up new dealerships across the country where the 500C will be on sale shortly, even if the guy just went to lunch.

Sure, the Fiat 500 has some 50,000 possible combinations and may be too cute for school. But it's not sorry about it, and if "you want to apologize, I'm from the streets; we'll go outside and apologize." Streets ahead


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