The Ferrari F40 Looks Deliciously Amazing In White

It is said that in Japanese culture, white is the color of mourning and death. But there's absolutely nothing to be sad about if you had this white Ferrari F40 in your garage.


Meet the Liberty Walk F40. You may have seen this car before — SpeedHunters did a photo shoot with it not too long ago. Quite striking, right?

See, all of the F40s came in red. That's not a bad thing because like most Ferraris, it's an especially intoxicating shade of red. But Japanese tuning house Liberty Walk wanted to do something a bit different, so they painted theirs white and added a custom spoiler, unique wheels, a new air suspension (!), eight-piston Brembo brakes and a unique rear bumper.


Our pals at XCAR got to go along for the ride in it, and I'm kind of jealous.

If you're still not convinced about its looks, then at least listen to how that engine sounds in the video. Incredible. I'd drive that thing even if it was painted up like a Dekatora Truck.

Do you think the F40 looks good in white?

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I don't know...

Part of me loves it. I truly enjoy it when someone makes their car their own, give it an identity. This F40 has a ton of identity.

The other side of me says WTF! Jesus of supercars. Why would you defile it in such an obvious way! Paint is one thing, custom air ride suspension on an F40, it hurts.