The Ferrari F150, their hypercar to replace the Enzo/work truck for the common man, will debut to the public in about a month's time at the Geneva Motor Show. It's going to be wonderful.

So far we've only heard it putzing around town all slow like. But now it's been caught on Ferrari's Fiorano test track with an older Enzo in tow. This is an eargasm of the highest order.


The F150 still wears body cladding, but at least there is nothing to subdue the note of that killer V12. It reportedly has 800 horsepower with an additional 150 from a KERS system just in case.


The Enzo on track is, well, it's an Enzo. That means it makes a sound like the dickens (technical term) and still looks like a space ship.

Before you play this video, close your office door and close the windows. You don't want to get caught watching porn at work.


(Hat Tip to Marco!)

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