Illustration for article titled The Ferrari-driving asshat terrorizing Mulholland Drive

Note to this dickbag in a Ferrari 458: It's not certified hoonage if you're putting innocents at risk. Watching him cut blind corners and blow past cyclists like they're signposts makes us wish there was a car-to-car rocket launcher. But those risk collateral damage too.


The line between being a hoon and a twat-on-wheels is crossed in this self-congratulatory, onanistic garbage. Hoonage is the skilled display of vehicular mayhem and, sometimes, a dash of luck and stupidity. This video gives you just the opposite: all luck and stupidity with little mayhem and absolutely no skill.

If you're going to cross over the line on a busy street into oncoming traffic, and we don't recommend that you do, at least take a proper racing line. You, who claims to be Mr. John R of Blue Horizon Productions Inc. at 220 N Crescent Drive Apartment 4 Beverly Hills, CA 90210, are no hoon. You are an embarrassment.


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