The Ferrari 512 BBi Is Worth Getting Nostalgic Over

"The new Ferraris are cool," Jay Javetz tells us in this video, "but they don't do it for me." He's more than happy to show us what does: his sexy 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi. He loves his, but then again, why wouldn't he?

Ferrari's flat-12 Berlinetta Boxer offers a great sound, great looks, and awesome performance, and it does so with more mechanical purity than the paddle-shifting Ferraris of today. (Not that those aren't wonderful.)

This video from eGarage highlights the 512, which is among a lovely collection of cars owned by Javetz's gearhead father. It also happens to be the first Ferrari he ever drove and his personal favorite. He has great taste in cars, and that's how he honors his father's legacy.


I'll take issue with one thing he says: He claims it's rare for anyone under 70 to be knowledgable about Ferrari's past. There are a lot of Jalops out there who could easily prove him wrong.

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C'mon bro.. If you're this enthusiastic about the car, you should know it's a flat 12, not a V12