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The Ferrari 250 Is Best When Seen Close Up

Illustration for article titled The Ferrari 250 Is Best When Seen Close Up

Welcome to Midnight Oil, where we keep you awake with pornographic images of cars that are sure to haunt your dreams.


I'm almost ashamed by how much I love basically every Ferrari 250 made, no matter what the body looked like. Every single line is near perfection to me. But what really starts to jump out are the details when you get up close.

Todd Gilbert sent in this snap. It's enough to get your imagination going.

As promised, here it is in high res.

If you have a picture that you own the rights to and would like it featured for a future Midnight Oil, shoot an email to travis at jalopnik dot com with the subject "Midnight Oil." And if you attach a photo, make it high res!

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That's actually an epic angle. Never been a big fan of the hood scoop/vent on the hood of most 250's . Come to think of it, I've never been a fan of hood scoops or vents in general, but especially on Ferrari's . Not when it disrupts the beautiful profile.